Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey All!

Hey everyone let me give you a little update on my  last few months!

it was sooooo good to see my family such a refreshment
 and encourager to know that they are doing so well. my niece and sisters are growning so fast we got to go on a little vacation to colorado and had a blast i am so blessed to have the sisters i do!

The Lord has litteraly opened some doors for me to move into a new house i will put a little video clip and a picture to show you what it looks like such an awesome blessing as well!

well i have come back to maui with a new postion i am now the intercession and community outreach director for ywam maui. What does this
 look like? my job is to lead all intercession times which is twice a week for an hour. Also plan and lead community outreach for staff and students. This is were ywam maui really impacts the community in which we work and train in!
My postsition really shows both the aspects of Mary and Martha I get to lead out in intimacy wit intercession and i get to lead out in servantship in community outreach! such a desire  of my heart and a huge blessing to be asked to lead this position on base!

my health is great i just yesterday had two of my wisdom teeth pulled and was blessed with minnimal pain and only a 30 dollar fee praise the Lord !

Thank you so much for your prayers and support i have been so blessed with my time here. i am looking for any finacial support commited monthy would be such a blessing but a one time donation would help as well even 5 dollars would help your money will be keeping me here leading people in intercession and community outreach and keep me in this house and geting medical attention when needed thank you so much for your tho
ughts and prayers again i pray the Lord blesses you in this season as well

Father bless
Ryan Fitzgerald

Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Island to Island!

 So I sit on a plane headed for Portland just kind of trying to collect all my thoughts from the last week and even last night. Yesterday I returned to the island of Maui from the Big Island and was asked if the revivalmaui crew could lead and intercession time at the YWAM base. I said yes of course. So we led students into a time of prayer for there own hearts that they would truly become psalm 27:4 people that all the days of there life they would seek after this onething that they would dwell in the house of the Lord and gaze at his beauty! And this was our crazy that this would be our number one agenda that before revivalmaui and before Ywam that we would get hungry and never stray from that onething!

And that we would live lives out of a reaction of gazing at the beauty it shifts something and you begin to walk in more confidence and more athourity as a son or daughter of the mos high God!


This is my Cry that God would raise up a onething generation that will never stray from that place of gazing at the beauty of the Lord!

 God do it all over the islands the nation and the world!

 I have some videos on here as well, I was asked to lead a purity siege in kona  so there is a video from that and some of my time in the prayer room while I was in kona and then also a video from the YWAM Maui intercession and worship time!

 Love you all

Ryan Fitzgerald

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


so heres the deal i know i didnt do a very good job with keeping in touch but for the last two months i was working full time  in construction to raise some support for myself. It was a good time i enjoyed it hardwork is something placed in our dna and it makes you feel so good at the end of the day regardless your compensation!

One of the things i have been seeking after in prayer is justice and what it looks like i know that the Lord is the Lion and the Lamb meaning to me he has mercy and he is a loving God but he is also a fierce lion he is jealous for his bride coming back with his robe dipped in the blood of nations with fire in his eyes for his bride! So this is the Journey seeing a generation turn there hearts to the mercy and justice of the Lords heart and we can only find this by leaning our heads on papas chest to hear his heartbeat and this to me is in the place of prayer.

i will be heading back on staff fulltime in sep and right now i am in Kona at the university of nations for about 10 days meeting with key leaders and seeing what it looks like to bring our ministrys together gone is the day of denominational lines and organizations Jesus is coming back for THE bride of christ meaning one and and only one so we are praying and believe that the body of christ is being unified even now! i am heading to california and to colorado for a few weddings and then heading to iowa for most of aug to see my family and build more ministry partners back home so that iowa and my church is not missing out.

Its happening the prayer and missions movement are becoming one praise the Lord what does that look like to me well starting in the fall ywammaui and revivalmaui we be coming together for a dts revival maui will be teaching on intercession and be running all of the intercession times really just giving the students what we have caught in the place of prayer teaching them protocal or even the dna of the prayer movement and getting it rooted into there lifes that is would be the wellspring and then taking it to that nations and have it modeled there this is what we as the leadership at revival maui and ywammaui feel is happening in this next season and its so cool to see people get zeal and passion on this issue so excited to see what God is going to do!

This is my job!
What is my role?
Myself and three other firey men of God are standing in leadership for ReviavlMaui right now and are totaly just abandoned to seek papas face day and night we long to see a generation who are standing in true identity as sons and daughters of the living God and then taking this to the nations and giving away what they have! Praise God this is what i am called too.

Your support is extremly important to me i am on a tight monthly budget of 600 dollars a month and if there is anyway you could sow in to the kingdom being released in the nations, it would such a blessing! even 25 dollars a month is a blessing i am really seeking longterm monthly support even more than onetime donations but would extremly be blessed either way! bless you all

Ryan Fitzgerald

please make checks payable to ryan fitzgerald and send them to 4256 woodlawn drive 50312 des moines ia

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ministry Journey

Hey everybody so here is the begining of the blog to keep you guys up to date with what the heck I am doing planing and all that jazz. First off thanks for checking it out. 

So here is how I will do this Blog i will split it up into two parts first I will share with you what is going on in Ywam maui Which is the missions orga
nization I volunteer for  and what I am doing there.

Secondly, I will share with you what is happening with Revival Maui which is a house of prayer that a group of us on the island are starting and running.

So Ywam is good right now we are in a transitional season we have a group of students on outreach and we will be running our summer school starting 
in the begining of june so we are just getting everything ready! Currently my position on base is maintainance so I am the guy you run too when the cars dont start the toil
ets dont flush and to mow the Lawn its been so good working with some rad dudes in this department and learning and using great skills that will be useful forever. This week we are cleaning
 out the shed where we keep all the tools and equipment Yikes its been quite a job and we have seen lots of bugs and spiders, but its coming around and looking somewhat organized.

wow revival maui has been good we are going at in prayer two nights 
a week and then doing our monthly prayer meetings at the local community college, while also planning an event in june called Sound The Alarm which will be three days of worship and intercession to change the atmosphere and awaken a generation and group of people to return to there first love. This last tuesday night we prayed for the Homesexual community here on maui that God would pour out his love and mercy on them and that we would gain more of his heart for this agenda. Also we prayed that God would keep sending revival and fire down on this island that he has called us too.

Please keep me in prayer and feel free to contact me if you have any questions

also if you get a chance check these sites out for more info